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Animals Are Not Ours to Wear 
Year: 2006 
Call No: Peta 
Chinese Vegetable and Vegetarian Cooking 
Year: 1995 
ISBN: 0571106528 
ISBN 13: 9780571106523 
Call No: Lo, Kenneth 
Delights of the Garden 
Edition: 1st Main Street Books ed 
Year: 1996 
ISBN: 0385479654 
ISBN 13: 9780385479653 
Call No: Hutchins, Imar 
Conveniently Vegan: Turn Packaged Foods into Delicious Vegetarian Dishes 
Edition: Revised 2008 
Year: 1997 
ISBN: 0931411181 
ISBN 13: 9780931411182 
Call No: Wasserman, Debra 
Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time 
Year: 2016 
ISBN: 1455560782 
ISBN 13: 9781455560783 
Call No: Jenkins, Steve 
Simple Treats: A Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Guide to Scrumptious Baked Goods 
Year: 2003 
ISBN: 1570671370 
ISBN 13: 9781570671371 
Call No: Abraham, Ellen 
You, the Animal - You, the Human Being: Which Has Higher Values? A Life with Our Animal Brothers and Sisters 
Year: 2003 
ISBN: 1890841250 
ISBN 13: 9781890841256 
Call No: Universal Life - The Inner Religion 
Burgers 'n Fries 'n Cinnamon Buns: Low-Fat, Meatless Versions of Fast Food Favorites 
Edition: Revised 
Year: 1993 
ISBN: 0913990167 
ISBN 13: 9780913990162 
Call No: Hinman, Bobbie 
Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole-Foods Vegan Recipes 
Year: 2015 
ISBN: 1941631045 
ISBN 13: 9781941631041 
Call No: Burton, Dreena 
Chloe's Vegan Desserts: More than 100 Exciting New Recipes for Cookies and Pies, Tarts and Cobblers, Cupcakes and Cakes--and More! 
Year: 2013 
ISBN 13: 9781451636765 
Call No: Coscarelli, Chloe