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Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism & the World's Religions 
Year: 2002 
ISBN: 0962616923 
ISBN 13: 9780962616921 
Call No: Berry, Rynn 
Heaven Is for Animals Too: Hope and Comfort for Believers and Skeptics 
Year: 2015 
ISBN: 1491724218 
ISBN 13: 9781491724217 
Honouring God's Creation : Christianity and Vegetarianism 
Jainism and Animal Issues: Handbook for Compassionate Living 
Year: 1996 
Call No: Daya, Jiv 
Nonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions (SUNY Series in Religious Studies) (Suny Series, Religious Studies) 
Year: 1993 
ISBN: 0791414981 
ISBN 13: 9780791414989 
The Bloodless Revolution: A Cultural History of Vegetarianism from 1600 to Modern Times 
Edition: New edition 
Year: 2007 
ISBN: 0393052206 
ISBN 13: 9780393052206 
Call No: Stuart, Tristram 
The Heretic's Feast: A History of Vegetarianism 
Edition: 1st U.S. ed 
Year: 1995 
ISBN: 0874517087 
ISBN 13: 9780874517088 
Call No: Spencer, Colin 
You, the Animal - You, the Human Being: Which Has Higher Values? A Life with Our Animal Brothers and Sisters 
Year: 2003 
ISBN: 1890841250 
ISBN 13: 9781890841256